Mystery Advertisment

At one time cheap advertisement was at a premium before the Internet days. You had to get the word out.  Can you remember where you have seen this? Post under comments.

One of our members is associated with this, so no cheating! Maybe a brief outline for the advertisement and usage can be provided by them.

6 Replies to “Mystery Advertisment”

  1. Todd, you could be right, trying to remember where the Kalamzoo was. Did Kalamzoo sales washing machines or something? Maybe vacuum cleaners?
    Please fill me in a little more.

  2. pete the kalamazoo was sitting where Hulings lot is now..right beside where the visitors center stand on the corner of market and water…i’m thinking burger hut(?) was there also

  3. Todd, I think I do remember that. Yes it is in the alley there, and easily seen when at the rear of St. Vincent drop-off. Thanks

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