Wick City Old-Time Barber

Sometimes just old fashion face to face conversation can bring on new discoveries. In our town of Kittanning there is enough people that can still bring us an actual account of the past, instead of just reading about it, bringing it more to life.  Fortunately we still have a small town atmosphere and sometimes you see people for years and don’t realize what you have in common until you strike up a simple conversation. One of my specific interests is the history of Wick City, or once actually Wick Borough which was separate from Kittanning. I always hear mention of mom and pops stores, bakeries, barbers, furniture stores, pharmacies, and that it was a place nearly self-sufficient.  Thus brings about my encounter with Kitty Stockdill, who’s father-in-law Preston Stockdill and husband Harold Stockdill were life-long barbers. Her father-in-law Preston Stockdill had been a barber in the Wick City area since the early 1920’s, being in the same location for over 40 years.  She was able to provided a fascinating picture of the inside of the barber shop in January of 1930. I was also able to provided a newspaper ad during that time period. In addition a side by side comparison picture of then and now.

Sitting, Preston Stockdill and possibly Bill Stienmetz

(Photo courtesy of Kitty Stockdill)

In the picture Kitty described the background as Preston’s wife Martha conducted a Beauty Shoppe for woman. Note that the calender states January 1930. Below is an ad from a December 5, 1930 Simpsons Daily Leader-Times.

Decmember 5, 1930 Simpson Daily Leader-Times

A then and now photo of the Barbershop location, looking west at Fair St. from Orr Ave.

Preston Stockdill Barbshop, Now and in the 1920s


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  1. Interesting article, Pete. I stated a while ago on this site that I remember getting my haircut for years by Harold Stockdill. His shop was on the corner of S. Jefferson and Jacob Sts. where a pizza shop is located now. Before he moved there, it was the “Spookie” Shop. It has been the site of numerous pizza shops since then.

  2. I remember when Bill Wyant had his barber shop in his home north of Huds’ Bar (now Wick City Saloon. Used to go there all the time, after Schueys’ closed.

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