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I am proud to inform our members and visitors of kittanningonline, that Linda Mockenhaupt and Eric Cook have agreed to become staff writers for our site. Both of these individuals have a great passion for history and a indepth knowledge for not only Kittanning, but Armstrong County. Please check back soon as we plan to introduce both Linda and Eric to everyone at kittanningonline.com. Look for posts and articles from each of these writers each month on their findings from Kittanning.

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  1. I’m trying to make contact with anybody who has information about the family of Lord and Lady Linton. She was Phoebe Elwina Finlay, daughter of John Borland and Jane,nee Brown, Finlay.
    Although Lord Adolphus Frederick Linton lived, died and is buried in Kittanning I suspect that where he came from and how and when he became a peer of England is not known.
    I have researched the salient parts of his life prior to his being in England and marrying Phoebe Finlay in Paris. He was born in Tasmania in 1842 as Adolphus Frederick Spiller. His parents were immigrant Irish from Cork and when Adolphus was born had a hotel, the Travellers Rest in Hobart Town.
    I can provide verification and am willing to provide more complete story. I would appreciate further information on the life of Adolphus in America and England where he lived with Phoebe and their family.
    Adolphus and my great grandfather were brothers. I seek to expand the family story.

    1. Hello Douglas, I would be interested in corresponding with you regarding Adolphus Frederick Linton, we have been led to believe there may be a family connection between Adolphus and my great, great grandfather who died in Canada in 1879. Please contact me at your earliest convenience at themccartys@cox.net

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