Another Addition to Kittanning

What was once here is back again! This isn’t Dunkin Donuts first appearance in Kittanning and it is actually in the same spot. The old Boron Gas Station below has went through many transformations.

Boron Station with Esso Station across the street at Mulberry and S. Water St.

Located at this building after the Boron Gas Station was Mister Donut, Dunkin Donut, and then Subway.¬† There may have been something else in between those times, and if anybody recalls let me know. I do remember the guy who did the carpentry work when converting it to Dunkin Donuts, as a guy who smoked a pipe. The name just doesn’t come to mind, but I can picture him. Walter maybe?

I also noticed the name of the Lounge/Bar where Hallman Insurance is located, the Parkway. I recall in the early 80’s it being the “disco bar” of Kittanning, but was thinking the name was something else.

New Dunkin Donuts under Construction

I recently met a new history friend Karl Swigart. Karl and I had a nice afternoon regarding the town of Edgewood. Karl is going to put together some information and we will add an article. What he has will  make you wonder how a little neighborhood every existed, as you drive through the current Edgewood Intersection located at the bottom of the Indiana Pike.

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  1. The Disco Bar was The Empire Room. They had a lighted dance floor.
    If memory serves I thought the Parkway was a bit further south, down where the building is that’s north of the old Louden Supply. I think the driveway that goes from Water St back to the alley was where that establishment sat. Thanks.

  2. That is correct Kevin, maybe it is some type of reflection in the picture. T Ball had mentioned what you had stated about the area. I do remember the bar where Dr. Martin and the Insurance place is. Seemed like a disco bar at that time. Never went on to check it out. You remember the guy who remodeled that Boron station into Mr. Donut? I remember he smoked a pipe. I recall him doing some other remodeling work in the area

  3. Hi Pete, The proof is in the pudding as they say, the picture of the Parkway proves where it sat, which is where the Empire Room was and then Dr. Martins/Dr Hooks office too. So can anyone tell us what the name of the bar was down the street? Between the donut shop and Louden’s building? I don’t remember the name of the guy who remodeled the Boron into the first donut shop, but I remember in later years it was managed by a man named Tom Weinzerl (sp?) and during one of the Western Pa Firemens Conventions held here, the fire engine that became engine 51 on the TV show Emergency visited on tour and it was stored at the Boron overnight. I also remember an exchange of information between an old Hose Co #1 chief and someone who was involved with the first donut shop. The guy from the donut shop told him it didn’t flood down there any more, to which the chief politely laughed in his face!

  4. I didn’t look closely enough at the picture before posting the last time. I could have sworn the Parkway was down on the next block! Ok maybe then someone does remember the name of the place I am thinking of. I went there with the family when I was very young. There was a family that had very pretty daughters that lived there when I was growing up in the first ward.
    I don’t remember the man with the pipe at the Boron station, but one of the managers was a man named Tom Weinzerl (sp?). At one of the western pa firemens conventions hosted here, the Ward LaFrance fire engine that was to become engine 51 on the TV show Emergency was housed there overnight as it was on tour across the country.
    One final note, one of the former fire chiefs from #1 had a conversation with someone at the first donut shop and the chief was informed, its OK it doesn’t flood down here any more. The chief lived relatively close there and had a polite laugh at the mans expense!

  5. Hi Kevin & Pete. Kevin & I were next door neighbors on S. Water St. At the intersection of Mulberry & S Water going south on the corner was a large red brick home, next was a driveway back to Fergusons Body Shop in the rear. Next was a red brick duplex house that Kevin’ family and my family shared. Next going south was the Parkway Bar with apartments above with a parking lot beside it. Louden’s building next.

    In the above picture north of Dean Henry’s Esso is the Empire Room.

    This is a great site. I visit it a lot…….

    1. Thanks Larry and Kevin for filling in the blanks regarding this area. From the grand residential area it was at one time it is nearly all commercial. I guess this is our new Market St. of town.

  6. does anyone have picture of early 1970’s….I remember Murphys with the snack bar…and the Arcade…where I thought only people that had money shopped…and yes we did shop there…but only for special thing…then there was a cafeteria type restaurant..I remember going down a line with a tray???…and then Winky’s …Omg..i loved winky’s and Author treachers….or something like was a fish & chip restaurant

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