Another Addition to Kittanning

What was once here is back again! This isn’t Dunkin Donuts first appearance in Kittanning and it is actually in the same spot. The old Boron Gas Station below has went through many transformations.

Boron Station with Esso Station across the street at Mulberry and S. Water St.

Located at this building after the Boron Gas Station was Mister Donut, Dunkin Donut, and then Subway.¬† There may have been something else in between those times, and if anybody recalls let me know. I do remember the guy who did the carpentry work when converting it to Dunkin Donuts, as a guy who smoked a pipe. The name just doesn’t come to mind, but I can picture him. Walter maybe?

I also noticed the name of the Lounge/Bar where Hallman Insurance is located, the Parkway. I recall in the early 80’s it being the “disco bar” of Kittanning, but was thinking the name was something else.

New Dunkin Donuts under Construction

I recently met a new history friend Karl Swigart. Karl and I had a nice afternoon regarding the town of Edgewood. Karl is going to put together some information and we will add an article. What he has will  make you wonder how a little neighborhood every existed, as you drive through the current Edgewood Intersection located at the bottom of the Indiana Pike.