C. C. John at the Kittanning Brewery


     Back in January a Diana Higginson Kengott had posted this great old photograph of her Great Grandfather, C. C. John. She mentioned she did not know a lot of him, but felt that he may have been a horse trainer. Besides this photograph, she said they have another photograph where is with horses as well.

     As I have been inactive on our site for sometime, I missed the posting. I apologize for not keeping up with things over the past couple years. Several life changing events took place, and prevented me from being active on our site.

1600106_10202971698592771_1038604366_n     For Diana, I assume that your Great Grandfather was Charles Cale John born 1882 as I find him living with is parents, Adam and Elinor John in East Franklin Township in the 1900 census. He is listed in there as being born in 1882. I later find a Charles C. John located on Harrison Street in West Kittanning for the 1910 census. He listed his age as 37(abt. 1882), married for 6 years with 1 child. His wife, Lulu was listed as 28(abt. 1883). There daughter Florence is listed as 5 (abt. 1905) years old. In 1910, he is listed as a teamster for the brewery.

     In 1920, Charles Cole John is living in Manor Township with wife Lulu, daughters Florence and Martha, and son Earl. In this census he is listed as a farmer. Obviously, prohibition was instituted by the time the census enumerator came around in March 1920. I take it that either farming wasn’t for him, or he couldn’t make a living at it, so in 1930, he is moved to East Franklin Township and listed at a pipe fitter for the glass works. His wife Lulu and Earl and Eunice are listed in the household.

     Prohibition took place from 1920 until 1933 in the United States, so in the 1940 census, he is back as a laborer at the distillery. His wife is indexed as Suler, but obviously her name was Lulu. In this census it only lists their daughter, Eunice born about 1923. They were residing in Rural Route #3 of Kittanning.

     Before prohibition, Kittanning had two breweries in operation, The Elk Brewery and the Kittanning Brewing Company. The picture that you have posted was taken in front of the Kittanning Brewing Company, which was located on the Southeast corner of Jefferson and Walnut Street in Kittanning. The portion you see to the left of the wagon is the main entrance that was located on the corner of the building facing the intersection.

     You jokingly mentioned in your original post that your husband said they were hauling beer. Well in fact he probably was. I have a wooden case used during that era that the beer was packed in. They are exactly was is overly stacked in the wagon. Wouldn’t the DOT officers love pulling this over on the road today!!! Diana, I trust that this gives you a little insight to your Great Grandfather. If you have further questions and I can answer, I’d welcome you to contact me at kittanninghistory@gmail.com.