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    1. Hi Charlie. Thanks for joining our site. Feel free to post anything you would like to share about Kittanning, or if you are looking for something. I did some looking and yes Roscoe Wolfe was a juggerman in 1920 for the W. S. George pottery, which purchased the Wick China Company after the 1914 storm that destroyed the plant.

  2. I am trying to prove that my uncle H. Parks Glenn and my grandfather Charles Stivason worked at the Kittanning pottery until it was damaged by the “tornado”. My uncle later was employed in Canonsburg.Help! Jan

    1. Hello….Thanks for your post on our website. Unfortunately, I have yet to find any documents or records concerning employees or anything about the company. We have little data from Beer 1914 history, and a few pottery books. I currently and extracting Kittanning residents that worked at the pottery from the 1910 census. This will not be a complete listing, but is something. I did search those names, and do not have anything yet, but will keep you in mind.

      If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to post them.


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