Bird’s-eye View

View from the Courthouse

We had a recent comment in regards to a clock that was on the West Kittanning Hill. On the hill side to the left of the bridge, shows a billboard type sign. This could’ve actually contained the clock. I remember at one time seeing this billboard in another photo and it was advertising “Fort Pitt” which seemed to be a beer. Just another clue and maybe some of our readers can recall or provided further info.

In addition this great view of Market Street from the Courthouse, shows some buildings long gone. The current Courthouse Parking lot which is located to the left, shows where two houses or buildings stood.

(Photo courtesy of Rick McMillen)

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  1. I’m pretty sure this is the clock I referred to earlier. Yes Fort Pitt was (is?) a beer produced in Pittsburgh. I thought the sign/clock was more to the right side of the bridge looking westward, but could be wrong-this was some 50 years ago. Don’t know who or why erected it, or whatever became of it. Just remember whenever the 9 o’clock whistle blew (curfew), all the kids would look up to see if the clock was right or not. thank your provider for thepicture, brought back a lot of memories for this old “Clayhole Heights” resident.

  2. I recall the clock being on top of the bluff on bluff street as compared to the postcard showing further down the hillside

  3. It’s lookin’ like it may be a matter of perception. The photo appears to have been taken from the jail tower… opposed to lil’ boys lookin’ up from ground level. I was one of ’em. Between the clock and the curfew, ya didn’t have many excuses fer bein’ late gettin’ home.

  4. You are close Buss!!! The photo was taken from the bell tower of the courthouse. I am preparing an article about the bell tower with some other awesome photos showing repair work on the tower.

  5. There used to be an Italian cheese store where the parking lot is, today. When I was about 9 (1955), I would run errands down there for Kaylors who lived over by Lattanzio’s Distributor……maybe Locust Street, not sure.

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