Kittanning Cottage Timeline

I thought of an interest to others and a preservation for the future, a timeline of the Kittanning Cottages. Take a trip from what was once there, to the most current picture.  It was once the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Kittanning Branch Campus) now the residential community of Kittanning Cottages. The views are from the location of N. Mckean Street at the intersection of Chestnut Street. The older middle building once was the home of West Penn Power Company, prior to becoming IUP.

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Fall 2008 IUP Building
After Demolition
Pre - Construction
Getting Started
Close to Finish
Completed Cottages

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  1. This site was originally the location of the Kittanning & Leechburg Street Railways Company carhouse. The company was purchased and operated by West Penn Railways until 1936. There are photographs on my website and in my book, The Trolleys of Armstrong County, Pennsylvania.

    1. Thanks for the pictures and the history of the trolley system that was there in Kittanning. I had wondered about that from seeing a picture the trolley lines a few years ago. My mother used to say there was something that she remembered as a child that they called the Hootlebug. Have you ever heard about that? She said it was up near the hill I believe somewhere near the cemetary. Seemed like she said there had been a brick or block factory there.

      1. Yes, I recall. My grandmother born in 1902 recalls that as a girl. It ran on the Shawmut tracks side of he river. There is a picture of it in a history book somewhere. She lived in the Furnace Run area and it would travel along that side and recalls some students on that side of the river riding to attend High School.

        1. Thanks Pete. I just now noticed your reply. I did happen to see a photo of that train inn a link that Fred Sloop had posted on Facebook. He had a great number of pictures to see there. Thanks. Kevin Helm

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